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Greenviv Chocolate & Vanilla Natural Nourishing Face Pack | Review | Price | Buy Online

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I fail to retain this fact that we are gonna do a giveaway soon! πŸ˜„ It’s been approximately two years since we’ve been sharing our experiences with you and it’s time that we give back to those who are dedicatedly connected to my blog. On a light note, my sense of humour sucks and it ain’t easy to handle my digressional talks. Or are we indulging in one right now? May be.πŸ˜† Anyways, stay tuned here for the giveaway and maximize your chances to win!πŸ˜‰

Now that we are done with giving out some insightful information, let’s begin with the review on Greeviv Chocolate & Vanilla face pack. ➤➤
Description: This yummy face mask works best on oily & acne prone skin. 100% chemical free with no preservatives. Chocolate helps take away excess oil from you skin leaving it clear and flawless & Vanilla has natural anti-oxidants that help treat acne. It also has herbal extracts that helps soothe the skin and reducing any inflammation. 

  • Chocolate Vanilla face mask is loaded with the goodness of chocolate and Vanilla
  • Chocolate helps drying out the acne and reduces excessive oil formation on your skin
  • Vanilla is known to be an antibacterial and a good source of natural antioxidants
  • It helps keeping a healthy skin because of B vitamins like thiamin, riboflavin, vitamin B6, and pantothenic acid
Ingredients: Aqua, Kaolin Clay, Milk Powder, Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, E-Wax, Glycerin, Cocoa Powder, Chocolate Powder, Green Apple Extract, Rose Extract, Aloe-Vera Extract, Honey Extract, Licorice Extract, Silk powder, Aloe-Vera Gel, Honey, Beeswax, Stearic Acid, Vanilla Essential Oil, Tocopherol Vitamin-E, Vitamin-A, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Benzyl Alcohol, Disodium EDTA.

Price: INR 299

Net Weight: 50 grams

Buy Online: Direct link here
Packaging: This face pack comes in a transparent plastic jar with a twist open lid. Though the jar is sturdy, can’t say if it can resist breakage with a fall from great height. Also, the lid is something which is so easily breakable, that I don’t even know how mine broke and has a long crack now on it. Could be that it broke while I kept it in my bag for photography of the same. Whatever the reason is, it’s kinda disappointing. πŸ˜“So, I don’t really think its travel friendly. One more thing, it has a diving plastic lid beneath the jar lid which protects the content from spilling all over.

My Experience:
Skincare + Chocolate = SOLD!πŸ˜‚
When I first read about this product, I thought sometimes you should have something to pamper your skin and what’s better than a chocolate, right? Also, all the description stated by the brand seemed to speak as if it’s truly made for my skin. Acne proneoily skinchemical free and no preservative: that’s usually what grasps my attention when it comes to skincare. Because when you have a sensitive skin, you know not what might act repulsively onto your skin and I’d never wanna go back to the phase wherein I was literally bombarded with acne all over my face. And though you might at some point dismiss ideas about your appearance but it does psychologically affect you. Let’s not go down the memory lanes!πŸ˜…
So, I had expected something like melted Cadbury but it actually appears like chocolates that are layered between some cream biscuits. Can’t recollect anyone exactly though. It has a very sweet chocolaty fragrance and it might tempt you to try tasting it!πŸ˜„πŸ˜ On looking closely, I noticed there are minute white granules, that too very few in number. But when the mask is applied onto the face, these aren’t anywhere visible. Perhaps they get crushed or melt, can’t really say.

As to the consistency, I don’t think I like it. It’s very thick and even after mixing it along with few drops of water, smooth application failed to be attained.😢 This might lead to product wastage and a little annoyance. I don’t know if it’s with all chocolate products available in market because this was my first such purchase.

When I applied it onto the face, it does not really dry after 15-20 minutes, like usual face masks due to its hydrating content. It can be removed pretty easily with water. The moment you’d touch your face for washing off the mask, you’d notice that it does make your skin very soft and smooth to touch. You’d notice the skin radiating, glowing and also improved in terms of texture. The hydration acquired isn’t too heavy to make your oily face appear like a disco ball. For the dry skinned beauties, they’d still feel the need to moisturize the face.😊

   ·     Chocolaty Fragrance
   ·     Hydrates the skin
   ·     After effects: soft, smooth, radiating, glowing skin with improved texture.
   ·     For the oily skin type, moisturization isn’t too heavy.

   ·    Not a travel friendly packaging
   ·    Does not provide smooth application

Final Verdict: If you have functions to attend, or simply love pampering your skin, I’d say go ahead; give it a shot! 😊

Rating: 4 out of 5

Until Next Time,

Take Care <3

Friday, 10 February 2017

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula | Skin Therapy Oil | Review, Price & Buy Online

Greetings Readers,

Makeup, yes it does affect your overall appearance. Face highlighter, yes it does make your skin look like a Greek Goddess.πŸ˜† We the lovers of long lasting things, cannot forego the fact that skincare can definitely replace makeup but the vice-a-versa is never feasible. Therefore today, we again have something from the skincare list. I hope you enjoy the review. 😊
Description: Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Skin Therapy Oil On the Go Rollerball is a convenient, targeted, multipurpose skin perfection product that can be used all over face and body. This portable rollerball delivery system is ideal for multiple, on the go treatment applications. Cetesomate- E Complex along with our exclusive blend of key ingredients helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, dry, damaged skin, uneven skin tone aging skin and fine lines and wrinkles. Skin looks and feels instantly soft and smooth with this unique non-greasy, non- staining formula. Cetesomate- E Complex is an integral component of our unique Rapidermal Absorption Systeme and helps improve the skin penetration and absorption characteristics of the formula into the epidermal layer of the skin. The Rapidermal Absorption Systeme helps our powerful ingredients penetrate deep into your skin for enhanced moisturization. This fast drying, non staining formula penetrates deeply without greasiness. The rollerball applicator allows for targeted spot application to problem areas.
Hypoallergic – Paraben Free
Phthalate- Free- Dermatologically Tested

Directions: Gently massage into affected areas 3 times daily or as often desired.

Ingredients: Canola Oil, Isopropyl Myristate, Cetearyl Ethylhexanoate, Sesamun Indicum (Sesame) Seed Oil, Dimethicone, Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa) Seed Butter, Tocopheryl Acetate, Fragrance (Parfum), Rosa Canina Seed Extract, Citronellol, Coumarin, Geraniol, Limonene, Linalool.

Net Weight: 15 ml (Sample Size)

Buy Online: For adding it in to the cart, click here. In case you wanna buy it offline, I recently located it in Big Bazaar counters. 

Packaging: I received mine in December 2016 Fab Bag and it is a deluxe sample which has lasted me for quite some time. This Skin Therapy Oil comes in a compact rollerball form which eases in application to the desired spots. Also, it goes smooth in the under- eye zone. The packaging is sleek, travel friendly and leak proof. It has a screw top open cap; white coloured and a transparent body which makes it easier to view how much of the content has been left.

My Experience:
When I was done reading the outer packaging, my eyes lightened up!😍 This product consists of various hydrating ingredients that elevate itself to the pedestal of being miraculous. I somewhere read that in order to sustain the skin’s elasticity and glow, an adequate amount of moisturization is a must. Dry skin is more vulnerable in turning to wrinkles. And it also marks off early signs of aging.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil is light yellow in colour and the consistency isn’t heavy. Thankfully, it feels light onto the skin but you do need to massage it in a little. As mentioned in description, the formula isn’t greasy at all. I use the same onto the cleansed skin, before heading for my night sleep. It seeps in easily into the epidermis and provides immediate glow and dewy finish. In the morning, my skin looks hydrated, radiant, glowing and bright. It has also managed to smooth out my skin. I cannot really comment upon the stretch marks claim because I don’t have any. Also, the roller-ball applicator makes it all very fancy. But of course for massaging the content in, you do need to utilize your hands!

·         Multipurpose Oil
·         Compact packaging and roller ball applicator
·         Light formulation
·         Hydrates, brightens and smoothens the skin
·         Gets absorbed easily
·         No greasy or sticky feel post usage

·         None

Final Verdict: It did not cause me new breakouts & improves the overall texture of the skin. Definitely worth trying!😊 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Until Next Time,

Take Care <3

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Iraya Wild Lime Purifying Face Wash| Review, Price & Buy Online

Greetings Readers,

We all want our face washes to have super powers, not like they’d unfold their cape, let it flow in the air and climb some random tower.πŸ˜… Just enough to not only cleanse the skin of its impurities but also to keep bay the germs and exterminate pimple causing agents.

Cleansing is like the building block of CTM routine and even in case you decide to live a minimalistic life for some random reason wherein the meteoroid falls right in front of you and your life takes a 360 degree turn, you still gotta wash your face!😁😁Soon, in the campaigns of government, an advertisement would run proclaiming the importance of facial cleansing. Next decade you say? In the name of good hygiene as well, you can’t do without it. 

I’ve experimented with a lot of facial cleansers, be it medicated ones or those hyper about in TV commercials. The one I shall review today is from the brand Iraya. So, without further adieu, let’s begin. ➤➤
Description:  With the finest margosa (neem), wild lime & Indian sarasparilla extracts this purifying face wash cleanses skin of excess sebum, oils & pollutants. Ideal for normal to oily & acne prone skin. Regular use clarifies & balances the skin, all day.
·         Tested for allergy
·         100% vegetarian
·         Never tested on animals

Directions for Use: Use lukewarm water to moisten the face. Apply & lather onto the face & neck with fingertips. Rinse off. Follow with an Iraya toner for your skin type.
Key Ingredients:
Neem purifies & heals.
Indian Sarasparilla : anti- inflammatory & anti- oxidant properties.

Ingredients: Aqua (Natural Spring Water), Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Propylene Glycol, Neem Leaves Extract (Azadirachta Indica), Indian Sarasparilla Extract (Hemidesmus Indicus), Moluca Beans Extract (Caesalpinia Crista), Lemon Leaves Extract (Citrus Limon), Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Vegetable Glycerin, Carbomber, Caprylyl Glycol, Phenoxyethanol, Tea, Fragrance, Edta, Allantoin.

Net Weight: 150 ml

Price: INR 345

Buy Online: Order one for yourself, from here. Almost at every other shopping portal, it has been sold out! 

Packaging: The face wash comes in a cuboid transparent bottle with a pump dispenser. The dispenser makes sure no amount of product gets wasted. For one time, single pump would give out enough content for cleansing face and neck.
My Experience:
Iraya Wild Lime Purifying Face wash comes in a green gel like consistency (refer picture down below). It lathers pretty well and gets rid of all makeup, dirt and dust. Also, it takes off excess sebum, which is really good for oily skin type. In case of dry skinned people, you might get a little stretchy feel, especially in winters. So, they won’t really be able to skip upon a moisturizer.

The fragrance is mild and feels refreshing. As for the product’s claim at catering to acne prone skin, I’d say it won’t reduce any of your existing acne/ pimples. But it does not cause new breakouts. It washes off easily as well. Immediate results being squeaky clean skin with subtle glow.
·         Lathers well
·         Wards off traces of makeup and dirt
·         Removes excess sebum
·         Mild & refreshing fragrance
·         Does not cause new breakouts
·         Makes the skin squeaky clean

·         It might not work for dry skin type

Rating: 4.8 out of 5

Final Verdict: I really liked this face wash and it can really turn into my HG cleanser! It suits so well for the oily, combination and acne prone skin. In case you have a similar skin type, go ahead give this one a try!!

Until Next Time,

Take Care <3

# Product sent to me by the brand for honest review. Not a sponsored post.  

Friday, 3 February 2017

Sugar | Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick | 04 Plum Yum | Review, Price & Buy Online

Greetings Readers, 
I love my lipstick lacquers! They don't budge or transfer onto the mugs, bottles, etc. And there's nothing like having too many lipsticks. Sugar cosmetics recently launched their Smudge Me Not liquid lipstick in ten different shades at an affordable price tag. Its not the first time I am using their products. I've tried their It's a Pout Time! Vivid lipsticks and they are definitely worth the hype. The formulation of the Smudge Me Not lipsticks is to die for! So before I end up praising the same in the introduction itself, let's begin with the review. ➤➤
Product Description: Crafting an elegant look that blends the artistic with the stylish? Embrace the mild tones of Plum Yum whose muted berry shade with its immortal appeal is bound to weave an aura of grace around you. If you've ever lusted for a "one-coat wonder" product for your lips, your search ends here. Get a full-blooded burst of pigment with just a single swipe of the SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick that will stay the day and right up till the night! Wine, coffee & date-proof - this is a matte lipstick that is guaranteed to last longer than your longest day. Available in 10 stunning shades that will make it difficult to choose - the question is, are you ready to commit to a lipstick that is built to last?
How to Apply: For precise application, apply it to your bottom lip first and then tend to your upper lip. Since the formula is very pigmented, we suggest applying the colour to the bottom lip first, pressing your lips together and then filling in your Cupid’s bow.

Benefits: The SUGAR Smudge Me Not Liquid Lipstick gives you opaque pigmentation with a single swipe that stays all day with zero feathering or fading.  Our favourite mattifying fix contains a generous helping of Vitamin E and comes in a full range of 10 gorgeous shades that is guaranteed to make your OOTDs stand out! This product is dermatologically tested & approved and 100% safe for your skin. 

Net Weight: 4.5ml

Price: INR 499
Packaging: Is it only me or do you also feel it looks somewhat similar to the MNY’s Velvet Matte lip-color? This lippie comes in a plastic glass-look-alike cuboid tube with a matte black lid. The logo is made of the brand is designed on top of that. It is very petite and can be tossed into the bag quite conveniently. Travel friendly for sure!
Applicator: It comes with a doe foot applicator which helps in easy application of the liquid lipstick. I did not feel the need to outline the lips but then for precision, you can go ahead and line your lips with a lip liner of identical shade.

My Experience: This is a recommended pick if you are on a budget. The colour is a beautiful pink, not exactly plum but kinda medium pink with no blue undertones, which would go so well with Indian Ethnic wear. The formulation is lightweight; you’d hardly feel there’s anything onto the lips.πŸ˜ƒ One thing you need to make sure is prep your lips before applying the lipstick lacquer. Apply a thin layer of lip balm and blot off the excess and then work with this lippie. It does not settle into the fine lines. Sets into a beautiful matte texture and does not budge or smudge as the name suggests. Not a lot of time is taken for it to turn matte completely. It can resist snacks and water sips but full-fledged oily meal would break down the lipstick and it would come off from the center of the lips; the edge might still be intact. The longevity is what I adore in Sugar Cosmetics! It can stay for more than 6 hours. I swatched it on my hand and the colour intensity did lighten once I washed it off with soap and water. But a soothing tint is left behind, though not evenly. 
·        Affordable lip lacquer
·        Lightweight formulation
·        Does not set into fine lines
·        Sets into powder matte quickly
·        Smudge proof, water proof & transfer proof
·        Can resist snacks
·        Stays for more than 6 hours
·        Leaves a tint behind

·        Might feel slight drying if not used after a layer of lip balm

Final Verdict: This is my newly found love! Do I need to say more? πŸ˜€πŸ˜One thing more, I ordered mine from their website and their delivery is really fast and I payed nothing extra in the form of shipping charges. I received my package on the third day itself, safely bubble wrapped. I think I might order more shades as well soon. 😊 

Rating: 4.9 out of 5

Until Next Time,

Take Care <3

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Greenviv Natural Salt Body Scrub | Himalayan Pink Salt & Yoghurt | Review, Price & Buy Online

Greetings Readers,

When you receive your courier, what are you most happy about? Firstly, yes it finally arrived! Secondly, you'd get to indulge into new products. It's like an attainment of additional happiness, when you know that the products you'll be using are all natural and they won't cause any harm to the skin. One of my friend asked me few days ago, isn't it dangerous for me to try out different brands and what if they end up showing adverse effects, in case something does not suit me. So as a blogger and also as a consumer, the knowledge of using natural products, gives you that extra tad bit of assurance that your investment isn't upon potentially harmful skincare. 
Today, I'd consider it my opportunity of introducing you to the brand Greenviv and also reviewing their body exfoliator. So without further blabbering, let's dive in! 😊

About Brand:
Our values have been inspiring and directing our company from the very beginning.
We dream that one day, every woman will LOVE what she sees in the mirror!  At Greenviv we love women! We love every single one of you gorgeous ladies, no matter what age, shape, size, or colour you are. Greenviv founder, Meenakshi, is passionate about the role women play in today’s society, and how we can make life better for women everywhere. We also hope that we can help people to adapt more natural way of life driven by a sense of community and care for our planet. As a natural skincare company, we shout about the benefits of being kinda to your skin. So, of course, we also believe that we have a responsibility to be as kind as possible to our planet. We firmly believe in keeping a ‘green’ perspective! We strive to follow an ethical and environmentally- friendly policy...
Why to Choose them:-
·         Greenviv religiously believes in RECYCLING. All that which can be recycled is used by them in order to save the mother earth from more wastage caused. Also, their packaging can not only be used by an individual for storing things, but you can actually send them back to the brand and they’d thoroughly cleanse it, making it fit for re-packaging.
·         No Animal Testing: The brand is 100% against the usage of products upon animals for testing.
·         In case you are a vegan and live a lifestyle wherein your refrain from using meat products then Greenviv is the way to go for you!

Description: Relax muscles, detoxify and polish your body with our divine pink Himalayan salt body scrub for your glowing skin and even skin tone. This Himalayan pink salt scrub boosts circulation to remove flaky skin, lines, lumps, and bumps. This little babe also doubles up as a fantastic post workout bath soak to ease your muscles and joints. Himalayan pink salt is a mineral rich salt originating from naturally occurring ancient sea deposits in Pakistan. The salt found here is packed full of trace minerals which have significant health benefits used to stimulate circulation, relax the body, lower blood pressure, sooth sore muscles, and remove toxins from the body. Rubbing salt on our body exfoliates by removing dead skin cell allowing your skin to breathe and rejuvenate. Our blend of organic oils is rich in Vitamin E, antioxidants and naturally occurring fatty acids including oleic, linoleic and plamitic acids. All of these properties work to nourish and soften the skin and prevent moisture loss to relieve dry itching skin and works a miracle on reducing redness and scarring. The lactic acid is a naturally occurring alpha hydroxy acid that acts as an exfoliator, the active bacteria cultures help balance the bacterial situation on your epidermis, and calcium is really important for your skin's health and moisture.
Ingredients: Himalyan Pink Salt, Sunflower Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Almond Oil, Yoghurt powder, E-Wax, Stearic Acid, Cetyl Alcohol, Baking Soda, Carrot Root Powder, Lemon Peel Powder, Orange Peel Powder, Rice Bran Powder, Rosehip Powder, Red Sandalwood Powder, Turmeric, Rose Extract, Aloe-Vera Extract, Rose Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Sodium Benzoate, Potassium Sorbate, Benzyl Alcohol, Disodium EDTA. 
Price: INR 499
Net Weight: 100 grams
Buy Online: Purchase it online, here.

Directions to Use: Use on wet skin in shower to remove surface dead cells and polish the skin. Rinse well with warm water.
Packaging: The scrub comes in a round glass jar which makes it vulnerable to breaking. It has a screw-open plastic lid. Mine had a slight crack which is why some of the content spilled in my package. πŸ˜“
My Experience: Now firstly, I’d like to clarify that this is a body scrub and not the salt which you’d dissolve in your bathing water for relaxation of the muscles. Instead, it's the Himalayan Pink salt that is one of the key ingredients within it. It appears somewhat like a choco lava cake, especially the center portion which is more moist! πŸ˜…Foodie? Yes, of course! The fragrance of this scrub is kinda aromatic and it does last post bath. But not too overpowering of course. 
Now to the exfoliation part! The granules of this scrub are pretty minute and they dissolve quickly when rubbed against the skin.  When put to use, colour of the product turns from brown to yellow because of sandalwood. It then forms a smooth creamy coating around your skin; works immensely well in case you have dry skin and want to get rid of the same. If you are looking for a rigorous exfoliator, then this won’t appeal you. For normal skin type, a moisturizer can be skipped. But those with extremely dry hands might still feel the need of quenching their skin’s hydration needs. This scrub, you can also save it for days when you decide to shave your legs and want to soften the skin‘s surface.
·         Aromatic fragrance. Not too strong.
·         Exfoliating granules are soft
·         Hydrates the skin, making it soft.
·         Additional moisturizer won’t be mandatory (for normal skin type)
·         Might fail to provide rigorous exfoliation
·         Breakable packaging.
Rating: 4 out of 5
Final Verdict: It is a conscious brand which ensures sustenance of good business practices. Their Yogurt & Himalayan Pink Scrub is great for people from normal to dry skin type, especially for those with sensitive skin. Got bacne or minute bumps? Then go ahead for this one!
Until Next Time,

Take Care <3

*Sent to me as a part of PR practices. Not a sponsored post.  All opinions put forth are genuine. 

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Yogarbar | Snack Bar & Protein Bar | Review, Price & Buy Online!

Greeting Readers,

We all at some point or another, feel we aren’t giving much time to our health than we should. Every castle can be rebuilt, even if the location is near sea water. But nothing can restore your health, if kept under constant negligence. Ironically, we all are deprived of time but all have been endowed with a set limit of 24 hours.

In such a scenario, what do we do? Panic? Feel guilty? OR
Look for ‘Cheat Codes’!!πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ That reminds me of Need For Speed game, never mind. πŸ˜…
Healthy snacking is a great way to curb your hunger pangs but by providing your temple (body) with all good things that it deserves. So, here I am with a healthy option that you’d definitely wanna dive in for! Let’s begin, shall we? 😊
Brand Says:
“We created our bars to give you 20 grams of high quality complete protein (whey, lentil protein, almonds) in a maximum nutrition bar. Carefully chosen natural, simple ingredients give our bars a pure delicious taste. Our protein bars are extremely clean label. We have steered clear of any kind of sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners and basically anything chemical in engineering our protein bars. We have instead relied on wholesome ingredients to give the same nutritional benefits that you would expect from the best bars in market. Grab your Yoga Protein Bar to get the extra protein boost to go the distance”.

Description: We’re Yogabar and we’re here to add a little zen to your snacking (and it’s yum!). We use simple ingredients that you can see and pronounce in our amazing bars. Ready to go whenever and wherever you are. Yogabars are a delicious way to energize and discover all the good stuff life has to offer.
Assorted Box- Yoga Snack Bars
This box comprises of 6 bars, 38 grams each. It is priced at INR 35 which is quite affordable. The flavours being-
   ·    Cardamom Coconut Chew
   ·    Nuts & Seeds
   ·    Chocolate Chunk Nut
   ·    Vanilla Almond
   ·     Coffee Zinger
   ·     Peanut Butter

One thing that really must be taken into consideration is the fact that the shelf life of these bars in 3 months. Since they employ natural ingredients, they cannot be preserved for long. Make sure these are consumed well within time.
Assorted Box- Yoga Protein Bars
This box has a total of 6 bars with net weight of 60 grams in each. These are exclusively marked as protein bars, namely-
   ·    Almond Fudge
   ·    Chocolate Brownie
   ·    Chocolate Cranberry
Why Yoga Protein Bars?
   ·    20 gram of protein
   ·    10 gram of fibre- both pro-biotic and dietary
   ·     No soy protein
   ·      No sugar alcohols- no sorbitol or erythritol
   ·      No artificial sweeteners
  (No sucralose, corn syrup or maltitol)
   ·      300 mg of Omega 3s
   ·        >15% RDA Calcium
   ·      Antioxidant rich ingredients
   ·      Healthy fats
   ·      Low Sodium
   ·      Gluten free
   ·      100% Natural Ingredients
            -Absolutely no funny ingredients

Buy Online: Buy yours from here and here.

My Experience:
As soon as I received my courier, I was super excited! It wasn’t a small package either. I got two healthy bars boxes to try out, which means no guilt post desserts. πŸ˜‰Lately, I’ve been developing a great fondness for sweets. So consider the arrival of these bars as the dropping of ecstatic bomb upon my world. πŸ˜€

When I took the first bite, I was sceptical if I liked it or not. But with the next few bites, I couldn’t give it up, as if I developed a taste for the same. These aren’t overpoweringly sweet; just enough to satiate your sweet pangs but without catering you artificial ingredients. These bars are rich in fiber and protein. They are chewy, not hard. In case you are entangled in some work and got no time for, say breakfast, it can help in subduing your hunger for some time. But of course, I won’t advise you upon skipping meals and being dependent on healthy bars for acquiring size zero. Haven’t you heard that dialogue from Jab We Met-
“Paani ka kaam sirf paani kar sakta hai”
(Thirst can only be quenched via water) πŸ˜‚

My Favourite ones: Chocolate Chunk Nut from the Snack Bars whereas Chocolate Brownie from the Protein Bars. 
Final Verdict: Overall, I loved these bars and I always give it a prior importance in my college bag. Sometimes, class timings do make you hungry and what’s better if you can duck you face a little beneath your desk and chew into this wholesome bars. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„
It’s a Go Ahead from team of Think It Over! They also have a subscription box, so in case you’re interested, click here.

Until Next Time,

Stay Healthy! ;)

*Sent to me as a part of PR practices. Not a sponsored post.